Promo Items

Promo Items

Promotional Items

Everyone loves a new gadget or toy or that corporate gift that speaks volumes about your business.  

Are you having a golf day, launching a new product or service, setting up at an expo, or would like to thank your clients with a gift?  

Promotional products are as diverse as you can imagine, if you want to market your business there will be a promotional product that can and will complement your business. All signs print & design can provide your business with innovative promotional products and corporate gifts customised with your brand.

Getting Started

The best place to start is by looking at all signs print and design suppliers website. From the 1000’s of products you can narrow down exactly what it is you need that will represent your business, your event, your team, your celebration.

1. Select the item or items you want for your business

2. Look at the print area listed for the item. Small promotional items will have small print areas eg 48mm x 7mm. This will determine how much information you can print clearly on the item.

3. You may notice most items listed have a one colour print as a standard inclusion.  There is a perfectly good reason for this.  Layering colours on top of each other on small print areas can produce a less than perfect result.  

Consider the end result when making information and colour choices. all signs print and design can give you advise in this area.

Pad printing


Design and print

Once promotional item is chosen, all there is to do is set up the artwork in vector format contained within the print area, then hit the print button.

promotional items

Get Inspired, be Motivated

You can rely on all signs print & design to exceed your expectations.  Our clients recommend us 100% of the time.