Signage Design

Signage Design

Good signage is good business

When it comes to your Outdoor Business Signs, Building Signs, and Commercial Signage, it’s critical that the design is legible and visible to your audience.

There are many factors that come into play when designing for a sign to ensure that it not only looks fantastic but also functions successfully. Below we consider Legibility, keeping design clean, typography choices and colour.

legibility & visibility

Less really is more. Keep messages short and concise so the signage is easy to read at a glance.

Consider the

  •  size,
  • proportions,
  • obstructions
  • how far away your signage is from your audience when they are passing by.

Ensure the size of your logo, type and any other important information is legible.


Clean, crisp and easy to read styles are recommended for maximum legibility and visibility.

As a general rule we recommend only using two fonts in your design.

Fonts that pair well together can really stand out and get your message across effectively. 

Keep it clean - use space effectively

Again successful signage communicates messages concisely.

Learn to love negative (white) space, this is the area of the design that is empty. This empty space is an important design element to ensure your message is conveyed effectively and efficiently.

Lets create designs that make it easy for our audience to understand. 

colour & Contrast

Simple really, the greater the contrast the more legible your text and design will be from a distance. 


Legibility & Visibility

Keep it Clean

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