Promo Products Design

Promo Products Design

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When designing for promotional products you need to consider the factors that most affect the final look of your design.

Promotional products can range from stubby coolers to pens to wine glasses and drink bottles. No product is quite the same shape size material or proportion. 

At allsigns print and design Cairns we understand how your brand will look its best on the products you wish to give to your existing and potential clients.

Some key principles we apply are:

legibility & Typography

It is important to keep your design simple on your promotional products to maximise the legibility and visibility as many promotional products have a limited print area to work with.

Using legible typography is paramount when designing for promotional products. If your type is too fine it can bleed turning your text into a block of ink.

Our graphic designers at allsigns print and design Cairns will ensure your designs are at their most legible and recommend alternative options when required.

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colour & Contrast

Colour can make your promotional products stand out from the crowd. The colours should represent your brand and its tone and be consistent with your other branding collateral.    

Contrast is a beautiful thing and happens when there is a difference between two opposing design elements. The most common types of contrast are created using

  • Colour – dark against light, light against dark,
  • Typography – Serif against San-serif or Bold against Regular and Size – large against small.

Contrast guides a viewer’s attention to the key elements, ensuring each side is visable and legible. Contrast is really important when designing for promotional products.

For all our products check out our promotional items 

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