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What does your typography say about you and your brand, what can it say?

  • Communication is essential in everything we do and believe it or not the majority of this is done non verbally. This makes choosing the right typography extremely important to achieve a timeless effective logo and brand.
  • Some of the most recognised logo designs use typography in a wise and effective way to communicate messages, personality and even create relationships with their audience. 
  • Typography decisions are considered for the entirety of the brand, which includes all streams from digital and print to signage. The possibilities become endless with millions of fonts to choose from along with choosing weights and font pairing.

At all signs print and design Cairns our team is all about finding inspirational typography that works for you.

Choosing the right font for your designs

The Serif font

To define what a serif font is, we need to know what a Serif is.

  • A Serif is the little decorative stroke that continues after the end of the stems of letters. 

This means that serif fonts will look more traditional with a bit more flair than their counterparts. It’s one of the most popular font families of all time. They send a message of trustworthiness and elegance. This is due to the serif having a great history. We can trace them back to the 18th century, so their history is extensive.

Some of the most popular serif fonts are Palatino, Bookman Old Style and Georgia.

the san serif font

‘Sans’ means without. A Sans Serif font is one without these decorative strokes. It will look cleaner and more modern sophisticated. Sans serif is said to be more modern due to their minimalism and simplicity and the post-dating of serif fonts.

The sans serif fonts have cleaner geometric lines, making them easier to see on screens and because they are simple they scale well whether they are big or small, making them extremely versatile.

the slab serif font

Often regarded a “sub-set” of serif fonts, slab serif typefaces look like serifs, but have specific slab sections in them. They’re associated most frequently with confidence, solidity, and a sense of bold attitude. 

Generally, slab serif fonts are best used by companies who want to make an impact on the market, either with an innovative new idea, or an intuitive product. They’re frequently used by car and technology brands who want to install confidence in their customers, while showing off some modern creativity

the modern font

Modern fonts are used to convey feelings of exclusivity, intelligence, and style. Modern fonts are designed to be simple and legible, modern fonts come with thin and thick transitions in the strokes between letters, and they can also have thin horizontal serifs.

Facebook is an international brand that has used a Modern font. Some popular modern fonts are Matchbook, Politica and Klavika.

the script & decorative font

Script fonts are generally a lot fancier than their serif counterparts. They’re intended to provoke ideas of femininity, elegance, and creativity, thanks to their hand-written nature. They are perfect for when you want to convey feeling, history, or experience, and can be particularly useful for “visual” brands who want to show off their creative side. However, it’s important to make sure that the script you choose is legible and adaptable, while they look artful and fancy, they can also be difficult to read in certain contexts.

Decorative fonts are unique, and sometimes customised typefaces that are far removed from the norm, and used most frequently in logos. Highly unique and stylised, these fonts add personality to your business, but it’s important to consider the emotional response your audience will have to them carefully before you commit to a specific choice. Decorative fonts can be highly effective as you can easily convey whatever personality is right for you. By tweaking, twisting, and fine-tuning your fonts, you can demonstrate your business as being casual, direct, fun, or unique.

What can they look like?

Serif & Slab Serif

San Serif

Script & Decorative


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