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At allsigns print and design Cairns once our client has signed off on their new logo our graphic design team with put together a style guide; also known as a branding guide, save all the required files onto a disk and transfer ownership of the artwork to the client.

Your Style Guide will include the requirements that ensure your logo is used correctly across many different platforms. This includes, however is not limited to

  • Space recommendations
  • Pantone colour references
  • Typography requirements. 

It is important to have a guide to help manage consistency across your brand. 

If you already have a logo however you need a style guide, one of our designers can meet with you to match your colours correctly, go over your brand expectations and put together a guide for you.

What can you expect to come in and with your style guide?

Logo formats & file types

When allsigns print and design Cairns have finalised your design, they will ensure you have both a landscape option and a portrait option that your logo can be used in. Having both formats allows your logo to be more versatile across different proportions and mediums.

You will be provided with all the file types you should need to use.

  • Jpegs & png files are your raster files which are mainly for your digital presence and social media.
  • Pdf and eps files are your vector files which are required for any print and signage design required.

Clear spacing & Proportion

Clear space is the safe area around a logo. Clear space guidelines are included to ensure there is clear space around the logo. This guides other designers and clients to not place other graphic elements too close to the logo. 

It is really important NOT to stretch or squash your logo, as not only does this change how your logo should look, it creates inconsistency across your brand. Always use the file as provided by your designers.


Colour is so important when it comes to your logo and your brand. Our style guides provide pantone colour references. These pantone references are from what you could call the international language of colour. Pantone references ensure your colours are viewed correctly when printed; all printers print differently and on a digital platform.


Having the typography elements within your branding guide will help other designers keep your designs consistent. Your style guide will also contain the recommended typography for the body copy. 

reverse logo

There will be times where your logo is required to be on a background that is not white. This is where recommended reverse versions are provided in your style guide. These ensure your logo is versatile and legible on different backgrounds while also assisting other designers on what can be used, again to keep consistency. 

Style guides - for consistent branding.

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