To rebrand? that is the question.

Rebranding is a marketing strategy where a new name, symbol, design, concept or combination are created for an established brand.

There is the intention to develop a new, differentiated identity in the minds of your audience and competitors.  This can be done by completing a full rebrand where a new logo, message and creative is undertaken or alternatively a brand may just need to change the message or perception which can be done through imagery, print collateral and signage.

There are many different reasons you may feel the need to rebrand. See some of the top reasons to get on board and revamp your business.


Brand repositioning focuses on changing the perception of your brand and how it stands with competing brands.  Usually there is a change in the brand’s promise and its personality. Taglines are often used to change the brands position, to communicate the new promise or values.  Sometimes the identity itself is updated or refreshed to reinforce the change in the brand’s positioningRepositioning can be a result of changes within the market place and changes made by competitors.  


One of the most common reasons to rebrand is to modernise the brand.  When trends have been followed over time these brands can appear old fashioned, outdated or do not fit in with the current position or values of the brand. In saying this it is not the main reason, many cases brands are after a more modern feel and this tends to be the main motivator.

bad reputation

If a brand has developed a bad reputation, for whatever reason, that is having a serious impact on the success of the business then rebranding is a viable option to shift negative connotations associated with the current brand.  These changes should be implemented both internally and externally.


When your brand becomes inconsistent it can lead to customers and clients becoming confused and ultimately loosing the trust they have in your brand.  There are times where brands like to follow trends, however it is very important to remember your brands values and vision and keeping your branding consistent with this.  Consistency will ultimately build familiarity, loyalty and trust with your customers, by all means get creative, however keep those values and that vision at the forefront.

too similar to another business

If your logo or branding is too similar to another brand you may create confusion with your current and potential audience.  This can be a major reason for a rebrand.  One of the benefits of using a qualified graphic designer.

How can I rebrand?

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